RYD Fresh Soft Top 6'6 - Deep Blue

RYD Fresh Soft Top 6'6 - Deep Blue
From AUD $430.00
  • Product code: PKQ6Q0

We've not only teamed up with Ryd Global to help you learn to surf using the best equipment at the school, there's more. We've gone even further to give you the opportunity to purchase RYD soft surfboards, legropes and traction pads at an incredibly good price.

BUT there's more, not sure what board you're after? You can now experience this yourself with, try before you buy! 
Soft Surfboards, ranging from 6'0ft, 6'6ft, 7'0ft and the wide range. The wide range is a little thicker and a little wider to give you that extra bit of stability if you're maybe struggling to get that knee through and pop up in time. 
These durable boards are made with a triple stringer EPS core and feature EVA 'bumpers' on the nose and tail for extra strength, bevelled handles on the nose for easy 'tow backs' by instructors, parents and lines on the deck to show you where to stand! We've also added a GoPro mount for you to capture the memory of riding your first wave!

ALL RYD boards come with a set of fins and an option to purchase a RYD legrope through us.


All RYD Soft Boards are guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase against any defects in materials and workmanship. 
This does not include damage due to abuse or natural wear and tear. While you might get kudos from your mates by 
towing behind a 4 x 4, it’s not something we are able to replace for! To make a claim, return the product and sales receipt to the Philippa Anderson Surf School – check out our returns policy for more information (online at https://rydbrand.com.au/pages/warranty-information

Be aware not to leave your softboards baking in the sun for lengthy periods of time, whether direct or in a closed vehicle. 
The heat and UV rays will destroy everything over time. Your board (like your skin) will last longer and perform better with protection, so make sure you keep your board in the shade and covered on the beach whenever you’re not in the water.

Surfing inherently involves some risk of injury or drowning. Buyers accept full responsibility for any actions that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. We strongly recommend use in designated surfing areas and that you understand water safety and currents.
RYD Brand International and Philippa Anderson Surf School is under no circumstances liable for direct, indirect, incidental, 
special, consequential or exemplary damages resulting from the use of its products, whether damages arise due to correct 
use or misuse of products or information provided.

Spending time in the ocean or water requires respect and some understanding of water safety. If you do not have any prior experience, are unfamiliar with ocean or water conditions, we advise that you seek the support of a trained and experienced surf school like us :) who understands the ocean, water safety and the use of surfing equipment. Surf within your abilities and surf safely and of course, may the waves be good where you are.